Winterizing a Greenzie Equipped Mower

When the weather starts to cool down there's only one main difference in a Greenzie equipped mower.

A Greenzie equipped mower is just like a standard commercial mower in most aspects, so we’re not going to go over the basics of fuel stabilization and other standard topics of winterization.  For that, please refer to the manual and standard procedures.

In fact, the only main difference in a Greenzie equipped mower is the upgraded electrical system and remote control charging.

Note that during the winter, the robotic worker software will continue to improve. The team at Greenzie is busy releasing new software regularly, and the very next time your Greenzie equipped mower turns on, it will install the latest version which includes all the updates from however many weeks or months you’ve winterized.

There are two options for maintaining the battery and electrical system.  One is to connect a battery tender. These devices are designed to be hooked up to the battery and left for months at a time. There’s no risk of overcharging since a battery tender (or trickle charger) brings the battery up to a full charge, then supplies just enough current to keep it there indefinitely. (Called a float/maintenance charge mode.)

The other option is to simply disconnect the battery entirely.

For the remote control, we recommend removing it from the mower, and charging it via a wall wart, which will maintain the charge.

When you’re ready to mow, simply boot up and leave some time for the first update to run.  You can always validate the software is ready to go by texting or calling the support line.  Good luck.

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Winterizing a Greenzie Equipped Mower
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