Who We Are

Greenzie Team

Roboticists. Software Engineers. Safety Nuts. Landscaping Enthusiasts. Entrepreneurs. Builders. Marketers. Partners.

Charles Brian Quinn

Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Bush

Chief Operating Officer

Evan Davies

Senior Robotics System

David Jensen

Senior Robotics Software

Derek Haynes

Product Manager

Barry Clark

Principal Robotics Software Engineer

Steven Leonis

Robotics Software Engineer

Jonathan Sanabria

Robotics Software Engineer

Lucas Tiziani

Robotics Software Engineer

Taylor Wentzel

Robotics Software Engineer

Brian Cochran

Robotics Software Engineer

Daniel Toro

Robotics Software Engineer

Kristian Kabbabe

Dev Ops Engineer

Reed Morris

Robotic System Engineer

Matt Survilo

Robotic System Engineer

Nicholas Johnson

Robotic System Engineer

Eren Yildirir

Robotic System Engineer

Grace Ayodele

Validation Engineer

Yorik headshot
Yorik Barrios

Robotics Technician

Henry Schmid

Ruby on Rails Engineer

Lara Guerrero

Director of Operations

Walter Brightwell

Field Support Engineer

Mariah Michelson

Account Manager


Greenzie's Core Values

Safety First
Important Things First
Do Hansei to Do Kaizen
(learning through relentless reflection to continuously improve)
Eliminate Muri
(unnecessary work)
Bias Towards Action
Customer Success
WHO supports us

Greenzie Investors

Believers. Advisors. Capital Partners.

Atlanta Ventures

Venture Capital Firm

Tech Square Labs

Early Stage Venture Capital

David Cummings


A.T. Gimbel

Advisor, Strategy

Durantae Lucas

Advisor, Finance

Jon Birdsong

Advisor, Business Development

WHO We Support

Our Customers

Hard Working Companies.