Built on ruggedized hardware, our field-tested software is an ever-vigilant robotic worker that never blinks, never gets tired, and always follows the rules.

Greenzie Software on a desktop and mobile interface.

Our Software Cuts Grass - Not Corners

Functional safety is our top priority. That’s why our safety requirements are designed in accordance with ANSI/RIA R15.08-1-2020 “safety standards for Autonomous Mobile Robots.” These are the same standards applied to large-scale industrial robots and robotic systems.


Tested in the Field

Every line of code is extensively reviewed, tested, simulated, and validated on actual mowers by our team in the field—not in some lab with bumpers.

Learn more about our Validation Process.

Built on Proven Hardware

Our software runs on temperature-tested, vibration-handling, and dust/waterproof-rated ruggedized industrial computers and low-level microcontrollers to ensure safe operation.

Learn more about the Ruggedized Computer and hardware.

Following the Standard

We go above and beyond to adhere to ISO 10218-1 2011 and ANSI/RIA R15.08-1-2020, which specify the requirements for safe design and protective measures for industrial mobile robots. We’re also setting the new standards with OPEI.

Learn more about our Obstacle Detection systems.

“We often hear from landscapers, ‘Is it safe?’ And the answer is yes. One day, we’ll look back and ask: 'Why did it take so long for the industry to find solutions to mitigate accidents, rollovers, cuts, burns, extreme sun exposure and other repetitive stress injuries for workers?' Robotic software is capable, affordable, proven and always improving to address such concerns.  And Greenzie is leading the way to help those outdoor workers operate more safely and efficiently.”

Charles Brian Quinn

Co-Founder of Greenzie

Backed by Roboticists, Software Engineers, and Landscaping Professionals

Our team knows that the future of commercial landscaping is here—and why we believe our field-tested software and off-the-shelf sensors make jobs easier, faster, and safer for everyone on your crew.