The Future of
Landscaping Is Here

See how our software and off-the-shelf sensors turn commercial equipment into highly efficient robotic lawn mowers.




1. Map the Perimeter

Set the boundary by mowing it once manually, or reloading a previously mowed job.

2. Mow the Middle

Switch to Autonomous setting and press the MOW button to cut within your mapped area.

3. Finish the Job

That’s it. Go edge, weed, blow, or team up on mowing while your robotic worker finishes the job.

A Look Inside Our Powerful Software

Greenzie powers autonomous mowers—and it all starts with industry-leading technology built by applied roboticists.

Greenzie Software on an iPhone



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Autonomous & Manual Operation

Got big slopes? Super detailed work? Jump on and do it manually. This ain't a little cutesy robomower.

Unlimited Usage

No per acre nickel-and-diming or required minimums. (And no untrained technician, either.)

Seamless Automatic Updates

Stay up-to-date with over-the-air updates adding efficiency, speed, productivity, safety, and more.

Warranty on Robotic Sensors

Things inevitably break. Get dealer support, in-stock parts, and loaners.
Note: Warranty limited in scope and time. Loaners available in select geographic regions.

Live Customer Support

Get the help you need, when you need.

Advanced Fleet Support

See how your fleet is performing. Replay entire jobs, not just a dot on map.



We used to charge a simple, flat annual rate for Autonomous Mowing software, support, and warranty, but we heard you: that doesn't make sense for everyone.

Choose what works best for your business: either one price for Greenzie Autonomous Mowing included with the mower or buy the mower from your dealer and pay Greenzie directly: monthly, seasonally (only the months you choose), or annually (all up front just like equipment).

Contact your dealer to find out more.

Interested in Robotics as a Service? A lease-like fee paid only when you need it, for mower, software, support, and more? Let's talk.


All Inclusive

Mower + Greenzie

Robotics as a Service


Talk to your dealer

MSRP + monthly

One low monthly fee

Compare Costs

Feeling the impact of labor shortages? Instead of trying to hire yet another hourly seasonal or full-time worker which can end up costing over $50,000+ per year (not including taxes, benefits, supervising, recruiting, managing), simply add a robotic worker to your already hard-working crews for less than half the cost—no recruiting, training, or headaches required.

Job SIte & Worker Safety

Landscaping work can be tough, dirty, and dangerous. We make it safer through key safety systems and standards for automated machinery.

Learn More

GreenziE University

Master Autonomous Mowing through Greenzie University, a comprehensive collection of tutorials, how-to guides, troubleshooting, and more—all available for free.

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