How to Replace V1 Encoders with V2

Learn how to replace the V1 encoders with the newer style V2 encoders

This video will show how to upgrade and replace V1 encoders with V2 encoders.

You will need:

  • Impact driver with 3/4” and 13/16” sockets.
  • Ratchet and 3/8” socket, or 3/8” wrench
  • 2x Wheel chocks
  • 2x Jack stands
  • Low profile floor jack
  • Wire cutters
  • 50/1000 inch (0.050 or 50 thousandth of an inch) feeler gauge

First: Elevate the rear of the mower so wheels are off the ground. 

Use Wheel chocks on front wheels to ensure the mower doesn't move forward.

Use 2 jack stands on the back of the mower, to ensure the mower is secure once elevated. 

Remove the wheel

Use an Impact driver with a 13/16" socket to remove the wheel nuts.

Take the wheel off. 

Now, assemble the encoder itself, feed the cable through the slot, make sure the flat part of the encoder is towards the curved part of the sensor mount. The notch faces up.

Next, remove the wheel, and remove the v1 encoder setup.

  1. Remove the encoder disc.
  2. Cut the zip ties tying down the encoder sensor cable from outside and inside of the upright/console
  3. Unplug and remove the cable, then disassemble and remove the v1 encoder .

Next, time to put the new v2 encoder on.  

Reinstall the lower mounting nut on the hydro motor. Also install a washer and the metal standoffs to the two top mounting bolts. Tighten using an impact driver with a 3/4” socket. 

Next, place a spacer and a washer on each side of the encoder mount. Install assembly and secure using an impact driver with a 3/4” socket

Place the geared encoder disk onto the wheel studs. Make sure the teeth are on the inside, closest to the hydro motor and the flat surface is facing outward.

Align the sensor head, so that it is 0.05 inches (or 50 thousandths of an inch) away from the encoder teeth. Use a feeler gauge to appropriately gap the sensor. To move and align, loosen and tighten the two bolts attaching the encoder sensor to the sensor mount.

Feed cable through the chassis, secure the cable to the hydraulic line and the upright/console using a ziptie, and reconnect the sensor to the harness.

Make sure to avoid the brake spring and other moving parts when you reinstall the cabling.

Clean up and put the wheel back on with 80 ft-lbs of torque. 

Before putting back down, call Greenzie support to verify remotely that encoder ticks are now reading properly.  You may be directed to also do an on the ground measurement.

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