How to Clean a Greenzie Equipped Mower

A mower equipped with Greenzie Autonomous Mowing can be cleaned just like any mower, with a few exceptions.

How to clean a mower that's been upfitted with Greenzie autonomous mowing.

Now these mowers can be cleaned just like a standard mower; however there are two uh areas that you do want to be a little bit careful with. 

You can see my colleague doing that he is lightly spraying the top sensor housing uh and lightly spraying the computer box.

Please do not pressure wash those two areas as they are water resistant but not too high pressure water or pressure washing.

So you can see he's doing a very light spray here he's using cleaners.

Now you can pressure wash the deck just like normal and the wheels and all that stuff so same as usual just be gentle in those two areas.

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How to Clean a Greenzie Equipped Mower
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