Differences in Stock Mower vs Greenzie Equipped

Learn what's different about a stock mower versus a mower equipped with Greenzie to enable Autonomous Mowing.

Today we're going to be going over the main differences between a Wight standard ZK that is stock and one like this one that has been up fitted with Greenzie autonomous mowing.

We’ll be going over the main differences that allow autonomous mowing to help the cost of labor.

The first main difference between a standard ZK and a one that's been updated with autonomous mowing starts here with this box.

Inside this box contains a CPU that's been rugged, a fanless industrial computer that runs the Greenzie autonomous mowing software.

It also contains some additional sensors, including some of the sensors to enable autonomous mowing as well as the modem and antenna for connecting back and speaking data for updates and communicating with our central cloud servers.

Inside this box again is the main brains.

This enables the autonomous mowing to work and to control the systems.

It is connected via these standard almost automotive grade connectors that are pretty easy to quick connect.

They're waterproof and should there be an issue with this, a dealer can easily replace this unit with a few quick connections for power and communication to the rest of the system.

The next main difference between this mower is this Greenzie autonomous mowing control panel that sits on the top.

We've had to move over a few of the controls.

Some of these controls are standard.

You've got your standard key ignition switch PTO.

As well as your hours and throttle here.

The new edition of this control panel allows the operator to utilize the functions of autonomous mowing.

The first key differences this switch from manual to autonomous When the mower is in manual mode, all functions operate manually, like a standard mower.

When autonomous the Greenzie the system is now able to control the mower.

This is a standard E stop, this is a safety relay component.

It's a standard latching switch, press and then switch to depress.

It also has a map and cancel button as well as some LEDs to help with operation, as well as figure out if there are any error codes on the system.

This main edition allows operators to utilize the greens autonomous mowing system.

Another key difference is this encoder. This is a disk that reads an electromagnetic signal to take wheel velocity and turn it into something that the system can read.

This has been added along with a small sensor to be able to read the wheel velocity.

Another difference with this mower is that this one has a remote control.

it is stored here.

These are magnetic to get into this access panel. The user or operator can use this remote control.

It is being charged using this with this remote control.

They also have the ability to remotely control the unit as well, initiate the mowing the autonomous mowing once they're safely away as well as tele operation capabilities.

This controller also has a industry standard latching e stop just like on the top and can be worn by the operator at all times.

Now The other key differences as you can see this machine has a can bus enabled pumps that allow autonomous remote control.

These pumps are what allow us to have left and right control.

These are from hydro gear and are supported by the hydro gears dealer program.

Another key difference before we get to the rest of the sensor control panel back here is a sense depth sensing camera that is right here for the rear.

It contains a wide 90 I believe. A 120 degree FOV view of what's in back of the mower.

It is covered by the operator while they're mowing but once it is in an autonomous mowing it does allow visibility into the back of the mower.

Another key difference is in this sensor cage that is attached to the mower. This sensor an antenna cage contains three depth sensing cameras. These are intel real sense robotics cameras as well as a GPS antenna for doing RTK Level corrections.

It also contains antenna for the remote control as well as an optional redundant safety sensor.

Either one of this lidar or a ai Ml camera available in two configurations.

In addition there is a sensor underneath here for an I.M.U. that also helps with localization as well as this flag for when it is running under autonomous operation to help assist people in knowing that it is indeed manned by a robot.

Another key difference is in the power on this mower.

The battery has been upgraded to a larger capacity, different groups cell the battery cages larger to accommodate as well as the alternator on this has been upgraded to produce more amperage for us to power the sensors as well as always be able to crank the mower.

So, in conclusion, those are the main differences between a stock standard ZK and one that has been outfitted with Greenzie autonomous mowing.

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