Best Practices on Site

Best practices for getting maximum usage and productivity from your Greenzie equipped mower.

Let’s dive into some best practices for getting maximum usage and productivity from your Greenzie equipped mower.

When arriving on a site with a Greenzie-equipped mower for the first time, the easiest way to get maximum productivity is to start 10 ft away from the boundaries, and mow a big map, keeping clear of any obstacles, by cutting them out of the map.

The goal is to keep the mower moving, while you’re able to do other work around the perimeter such as edging, weeding, blowing, or tag-teaming with another mower.

You might be tempted to mow the outer perimeter first, going slow and detailed up against objects, mowing around them and the trees, and then speeding up as you go inward. You can do that if you want, but the quicker you can get the Greenzie equipped mower mowing, the more productive you’ll be.

This way you can get on another mower, or use trimmer, edger to complete the work. And the best operators don’t wait for it to finish, unless you want to take a drink of water, or eat lunch, which we encourage.  If you want, hop on the mower and finish the job yourself.

Make big open areas without long skinny sections, to make the mower move fast and minimize turns.

While the mower will go around obstacles, it’s best to leave them out of the map, like this.

If you’ve got a detailed area, just skip it and do that while the mower mows the big open areas.  It’s going to be way to slow navigating through this for now.  You’re going to finish this job 2x faster than any other crew.

Review your maps and jobs regularly.  At the end of the day, you can go over your jobs and figure out how to make them better.  Save those as your favorites, and now you’re all set and more productive.

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