Basic Troubleshooting

Learn more about troubleshooting a mower equipped with Greenzie and when to contact Greenzie support or your dealer.

Mowers equipped with Greenzie Autonomous Mowing have a switch for Manual and Autonomous Mowing, which allows landscapers to trust they can always get the job done, and operate their equipment manually. This switch helps designate troubleshooting, and it’s as simple as: “When there is an issue with the mower in Manual mode”, this is handled by the standard manufacturer process for troubleshooting, diagnostic, repair, and maintenance. “When there is an issue with the mower in Autonomous mode”, this is handled through Greenzie’s support.

Greenzie support is staffed 7am to 7pm ET by technicians, engineers, and software developers. It is phone and text message based, allowing for quick communication and sending of pictures/video.  We use technology to route it to the appropriate team members to ensure callers are not starting at “what’s your name again? every time.”

Here is an example of an issue: a landscaper reports that the autonomous mowing system never becomes “Ready” indicating that the system and sensors are fully operational.  This request would go to Greenzie, because the mower can still be operated.  Greenzie technicians can usually diagnose and troubleshoot remotely, due to the design of our system with monitoring and remote access to the computer and sensors.

If Greenzie determines that a robotic component, such as a camera needs to be replaced, we work with authorized dealers to determine their level of comfort to replace, with Greenzie technicians present, or dealer personnel being the eyes and hands while Greenzie remotely assists.  This is coordinated with service managers at dealers, along with standard hourly shop rates.

Most troubleshooting of the Greenzie system is done direct with operators during normal field operation.

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Basic Troubleshooting
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