Basic Manual Mowing

Learn the basics of how to operate a Wright Stander ZK.

Here we have a stander ZK 

At Wright we believe that standing is the most productive way to cut grass and this is the most nimble, fast and powerful stand on

Let's look at how easy it is to operate and what makes this machine so productive. 

Let's first look at the Controls. 

We have the brake on

Start the engine.

Turn the break off. 

This is forwards.



Right. and here we have the blade switch.

The first ability that makes the stander ZK so productive is that it quickly becomes an extension of your own body. 

The Controls have real fine control. And with the operator positioned right here.

You are positioned right between two large drive tires and everything on the mower is in front of you have great visibility. 

Also when you go around a tree or standing back here looking down your stripe a really good eye for where you are going.

Another advantage that is often overlooked is that with the stand on machine it's really easy to get on and off the machine many times throughout the day you may need to pick up a stick or loading a trailer or Opening a gate, you need to get on and off, and that routine happens many many times throughout the day and really makes the difference. 

The second thing that makes the ZK so productive is it is extremely Nimble. It's nimble because all the weight is centralized on the machine. All the major Components, the engine, fuel tank, operator, battery, hydro's, they are all right there in the middle. So the machine has a low center of gravity and all that mass centralized it has low inertia--it is very easy for the machine to turn.

This means that the mower performs well on hills. This is our best hill performing machine.

With a larger operator area you are to stand on the high side tire increasing your traction but what matters for more hours throughout the day is how the mower performs on flat ground. 

On flat ground with all the weight centralized they're able to stop quicker, turn quicker, even in damp conditions without damaging the turf. 

The third thing that makes the ZK so productive is that it is extremely compact. Even as a 72 inch width.  This machine is an inch shorter than it is wide. 

Also you are able to do large properties with the same machine that you can do small properties with. This means that you can do a greater variety of jobs with one set of equipment on your trailer. The fourth thing that makes the Stander ZK so productive is its capabilities. 

You never want to be held back by your machine. 

With the Kohler EFI Engine you have efficiency all day long and torque when you need it. 

With that engine you get up to 10 hours of runtime also it has a high flow heavy-duty hydro system with a planetary gear reduction that gives you a lot of torque runs cool for long life. 

Also if you don't like maintenance I've got good news for you. This machine has a lot of sealed pivots, sealed housings and that means that the only in season maintenance need to worry about is the blades and servicing the engine.

If you think the stander ZK is the right mower for you look up your local dealer and demo one there and see why we believe that standing is the most productive way of mowing, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Also you can visit our YouTube channel where we have videos of specific areas of the Commercial Mower. 

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