Advanced Usage and Operation

Learn more of the advanced features of Autonomous Mowing on a Greenzie equipped mower.

The Greenzie Autonomous Mowing software is simple by design, because you’ve got work to do.  It uses what we call sensible defaults and doesn’t require any configuration.

However, there is advanced functionality and configuration you can do once you’ve mastered the basics of mapping and mowing.

For objects under six inches it's best to put a cone or marker on top of the object to ensure that the mower's obstacle detection system will see it and safely go around.

For advanced functionality or simply to view any alerts that preventing the system from mowing simply use your camera app to scan the qr code which will open up the access for the mower.

To remote control the mower or put it into tele operation mode press and hold the tele-op button for two seconds.

The lights will flash white indicating it is in tele operation you can then use the right remote control to go left and right and turning and the left remote control to go forward and reverse much like a game.

Once you're done with teleop press and hold the teleop button for another two seconds to take it out of teleop mode and you can resume autonomous mowing.

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Advanced Usage and Operation
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